Monday, 29 June 2009

Animals of the High wall #1 The Store Horse

The Store Horse was an indiginous species aroung the South Side, a beast of burden which became extinct around the early 80's. A source of civic pride and much mirth.

One of the best treats you could get on your way to school as a laddie was if you could jump onto the back of the float for a wee fly jaunt, before getting chased off by some sullen auld guy who'd "once worked wi thon Sean Connery"

Even better than a wee hurl though was if you were lucky enough to see the store horse having a shite. What a laugh that was when you were a city boy not used to "nature red of tooth and spinchter". Strange fascination indeed

As well as no being able to have a shite in peace for crowds of wee laddies pointing and guffawing, bangers were another challenge for the Store horse. In those non PC days of the early 70's it was a rite of passage to scare the per auld nag with a few well aimed 3-2-1 zeros.

My faither used to say to my mother "Gies a kiss 'til the store horse comes" as a wee term of endearment. I still use it with my missus to this day. A brilliant piece of high wall humour.

The sayings of yer auld man are a subject that we need to explore in more detail in this blog as there are a few beauties out there that need sharing with the world.

This photo was apparantly taken in Gladstone Terrace so the Store Horse is the actual real "South Side" deal, and not some clever CGI or a couple of guys in a store horse suit.

As a side note, the auld biddy in the photo has got on a "housecoat". Mind of them, the auld yins used to wear them aboot the hoose in the days before all thon fancy central heating and double glazing.

I blame global warming on the demise of the housecoat.

It should have been in the Kyoto agreement. Free housecoats for all !!!

Saturday, 27 June 2009

Segs Crazed.

Following on from Monkey boots remember these fellys. They were all the rage for a short while back in the day.

Had a wee laugh with Arkos the other night when the subject came up (as it does) .

We used to clack aboot trying to make sparks with these wee beauties. Some lads went over the top with aboot 20 round each heel and a few in the toe for good measure. The noise in the school corridors could be akin to the "store horse" and his pals, River dancing in shipping container.

Wee laddies and poor bairns had to make do with drawing pins.

If I recall there was a wee cobbler at Ratcliffe Terrace who benefitted greatly from this brief fad. I'm sure the schools also banned them eventually, much to his chagrin.