Sunday, 15 July 2012

Ant Music

Hey Bloggers,

Don't know if Facebook has officially killed the blog yet, but we High Wall lads certainly havnae been so active o' late. Time to change aw that.

I will kick off wi' this wee tale. Did a bit o' gardenin' the day. I was workin' the hoe aboot a wee rockery when I saw a right fair dose o' ants goin' radge. I eventually lifted up a wee flat slab and saw the entrance to a whoor o' an ant colony. Not only was this the entrance, but also a full on nursery, rammed fu o' eggs of various sizes, wi loads o' tunnels leading of in aw directions. Ants were everywhere, runnin' aboot like mad things.

I found some auld school ant powder in the shed and set tae work. Little did my Formicidae friends know that I was a scholar of the "Alien" trilogy as well as being well versed in the documentaries o' Mr Attenborough. Add in the fact that I had a penchant for killin' beasties dating back tae ma High Wall childhood wi Arkos, and the outlook for Mr Ant wisnae guid.

I gave the eggs a right guid blast o' powder and the ants immediately reacted by takin' the eggs tae "safety" doon intae the bowels o' the nest. A fatal mistake.

Half an hour later and there is nae ant activity. Job done..

Everything I know about gardening, I learned from Lt Ellen Ripley, the Colonial Marines and the beasties of the High Wall.