Sunday, 31 August 2008

Lost Weapons #1 Home made nunchuks

Bruce Lee, David Carradine and Carl Douglas, in the 70's everybody was "Kung Fu fighting"

Therefor the Home made Nunchuk was born
A chain stolen from a lavvie cystern.
Your Ma's broom/rake/hoe handle sawn into lenghts
A couple of nails and Boab's yer uncle."You will have someones eye out with that".
Advantages - Cheap and available.
Drawbacks - Flimsy chain liable to snap, Handles flew of regularly as the nails were traditionally hammered in with a half niddrie, Splinters in the newly created blisters on your hands. Hitting yourself in the eye, back of head, knee and baws. Getting a thick ear when your ma went to rake the back green a week later.
Ah but they looked the part
"Those cats were fast as lightning"

Saturday, 30 August 2008

Lost Games

All those parents who were wondering what to do with their kids in the summer holidays, could have taken a page out of our book!
Using just the two items shown in the picture a fun game for all ages can begin. Each player has a tennis ball and a footie sock. The ball is placed inside the sock at the toe end and the open end is grasped firmly in the hand. Each player now attempts to hit the other players head by swinging the sock violently in a circular motion. The only protection allowed would be at the most an empty cardboard box with cut out eye holes placed over the noggin. But beware, should the box slip and obstruct the field of vision then you are in for a hammering! Apart for a swollen ear or two and the odd headache ther is not a lot to worry about. A real character building game if ever ther was one. More fun by combining household items still to come so stay tuned.

Wednesday, 27 August 2008

No more "See You Next Saturday"

A wee trip down memory lane.

Many a good Saturday at the Super Saturday Show with a Kiora jubilee and an everlasting toffee stick.

Sneaking in the back door during the summer holidays to see "Herbie" ride again & again & again......

Clash gigs where the place looked like Hurricane Joe had been through it at the end, withoot a seat left in the place.

In a word "Barry"

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Workie's lamps

Following on from previous comments here is the "workies lamp" of our youth compared with it's hi-tec counterpart of these days.

No real comparison. Stingy eyes and black reek and just enough light to read an H&E, wrestling mag or horror comic.

These things were freely available in the area around the High Wall. Cheap and efficient with a handy hanging hook.

Just the job for a poorly ventilated gangie strewn with old bits of paper. They are known as "paraffin hazard lamps" Don't know why, they seemed perfectly safe to us.
Try lighting a cinnamon stick with one of the new fangled ones. I rest my case.

Ladies with the purple hair, come in please.

Ladies with the purple hair come in please !!!

The acress is Gabrielle Drake (sister of Nick Drake)

But where does the quote come from ?

Eh Gar ?

Aye Gar !

Monday, 25 August 2008

A book at bedtime

HERE TODAY - The best bits.

"he was small, pale and insignificant. His narrow face wore a sly, perpetual smirk, giving the observer the impression that he was the possessor of dark and sinister secrets that were a source of constant amusement."

"A dry chuckle escaped from his yellow teeth."

" He took a small bag and immense torch from the car"

" My torch! It will be annoying if it doesn't work. Ah, a little shake does wonders"

"candles are the answer"

Sunday, 17 August 2008

Old time movies

How many can you name?

Much respect to botda666. He's even got the full answers if you click on (more info).

Saturday, 16 August 2008

Welcome to the High Wall


55° 56' 24.38” N, 3° 10' 51.63” W

or paste in 55.940077,-3.181042 (this will show ye the green arrow in google maps satellite view)

Paste into Google Earth or Google maps and let the journey begin.

The High Wall