Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Hair Fashion

Just thought I would get a quick memory down before I forget. Nowadays people are eye on about Human rights and all that but in oor days as a High Wall laddie as far as yer hair was concerned you had no rights.
It didn't matter much because we all looked the same. And why? Because Faither cut yer hair with a Razor comb! Although it doesn't sound too bad it was hell!
The razor never seemed to be sharp enough to cut shit (maybe Faither used his old ones) so the hair was more ripped than cut. This was followed by a good handfu of baby powder which was meant to cool the red neck but which did not help all too much. Short back and sides was what the DIY haircut was called, nae Bowie cuts at the High Wall.
So we were all Red Necks at one time or another even if we did live in the city.