Sunday, 31 May 2009

Essential High wall workwear.

This was one of the most important items of workwear at the High wall. The Monkey boot. You had to have them in the original Ox blood couloring which blended in well with the broken brickwork of the old factories where we spent our summer holidays.
The yellow laces were also important, but could be exchanged for red ones from Barrats. The most important part was the sole. Tough commando tread to get you up the High wall but soft enough for you to creep past Mr Bissits back window, on the lookout for Devils coach horses, without being heard.
They did have their drawbacks though. Those chunky commando soles always seemed to collect all the dog shit, which was then spread on Mums carpet(a clip round the lug was a sure thing). Also they made your feet smell like a dead tramp. We didn't care, they were real High wall compatible footware.
Keep your eyes open for more Essential High wall workwear.

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Best thing on YouTube for ages.

Great views of the Auld toon and around the South side.

Just don't try this at home kids.

Pretty impressive, but could this lad have dreeped the High wall in platforms and a pair of Oxford bags with a loaded Gat gun down the 3 button waistband whilst being chased by Curly?

Friday, 8 May 2009

It will close in on you like a High Wall

We've been a bit inactive of late.

Time for some new posting boys, let's build a High Wall.