Saturday, 19 May 2012

Every Dug has its day

A load o' stuff has happened since we last posted including the passing o' ma dug Buddy (above), Arkos' dug Bridie and ma auld cat Murph. No a great year for the pets, though the vets made oot like bandits as usual.

Anyway tomorrow I am off to the biggest sporting event for Auld Reekie in living memory, namely the 2012 Scottish Cup Final between Edinburgh rivals Hearts and Hibs. It is the first final beween the teams since 1896, a shocking statistic for our proud city when you think about it.  

Now Bobrob and Arkos arnae fitba men, and maself, well I'm no too bothered aboot the game much these days, but I was always a Hibby and I find the whole thing about the fact that we havnae won the Scottish Cup in 110 years fascinating. I have seen great Hibs teams in my lifetime in the 70's and briefly in the early 2000's. The post war team o' my fathers generation were a different prospect all the gither. They were proper world beaters. But alas none of them could win the Scottish Cup, leagues yes, league cups yes, but no the Cup.

Tomorrow a Hibs team comprising of loan players and average journeymen will step onto Hampden, 90 minutes away from "Legends of Leith" status. If they do it then the irony will not be lost on me, but fuck it  I will party like a motherfucker anyway.

My Faither is a lifelong Jambo and the nice thing aboot Edinburgh is that fitba rivalry is in the family, in the generations ect. Not ingrained hatred, just a love o' yer chosen team. When I phoned my dad tonight to say that  if we win I might need a bed for the weekend celebrations, he said "I was thinking if you lot have had  the patience to wait 110 years for the Cup, then surely you won't mind waiting a wee bit longer"

Once a Jambo, always a Jambo...


bobrob said...

Guid tae see ye back! Ah wiz thinkin aboot postin masel bit now it back oan thir will be fresh stuff. As a nae fitba man ah kin still say pity yir team lost!

naldo said...

Barry tae see ye back, gadge. Shame yer team got pumped 1-5 but as ye say, the rivalry in Embra's no too bitter.

I wis at the game then spent maist o the night bevvyin in the Phoenix which wis packed wi Hibbies who didnae mind a bit that i wore a maroon Fred Perry and jumped up on a table round midninght tae sing "Rudy Skacel is a fukn goal machine".

Embra forever.

Sorry boot yer pets.