Friday, 23 July 2010

A shaggy dog story.

Ah dinnie ken if this wiz a game fae the day or a High wall tortue ritual! In Curlies gaerdin thir wiz once a big fuckin bloodhound dug. Ah cannie say whae owned um bit eh wiz aye up fir shaggin!
Eh used tae hot fit it roond the gaerdin lookin fur somethin tae rub ehs cock against.
So this is whit went doon, ye hud tae wait until the dug wiz at the back oh the gaerdin then ye climbed in an walked aboot until eh caught sight oh ye.
Now the race wiz oan!
Eh wiz fuckin quick when eh deeked somethin tae shag. If ye didnae make it up the wall quick enough eh pulled ye doon intae the grass an shagged ye till ye hud white stripes oan yir jaekit. 9 oot oh 10 times ye could git away fae um bit some oh the High Wall dudes waited until eh wiz at yer back an then they pushed ye back aff the wall intae certain death! It wiz fuckin traumatic ah tell ye, ah still cannie deek a bloodhound withoot lookin fur stains oan ma duds.
Ah cannie mind whit happened tae the dug, mibbie eh shagged the wrong gadgie, one day it wiz safe tae cross the gaerdin withoot gettin yir jeans dirty. A shaggy dog story indeed!


naldo said...

Ming mong. Had a wee shagy dog incident masel when a wiz 19. Wrote aboot it on ma blog a while back.

Dug spunk in the pus is nae fun ataw but it made me a stronger person in the long run.

Alien Orders said...

Haha, I mind of Naldo's story which made me laugh aw day after I read it.

I also mind o' that spunky dug pumpin' a load over yer neigbour fae across the landin' efter we wouldnae help him up the wa'.
He wis laughin' thinkin the dug wis being friendly. Then he got sprayed, poor laddie.
Laugh, ma sides were sair for days